Thursday, December 24, 2009

Catclaw's Merlin Opens in NYC Tonight!

Appalachian Voodoo Fibers were used in the creation of the clothing worn by the papier-mache puppets in Catclaw Theatre Company's debut of The Birth of Merlin, which opens tonight in Brooklyn, NYC!

This is Jeffrey Scott Holland's adaptation of a play that was credited to William Shakespeare and William Rowley in a 1662 quarto, though modern scholars pooh-pooh any notion of the Bard's involvement. (Then again, they used to pooh-pooh Pericles but now it's finally become accepted into Shakespearean canon. The Two Noble Kinsmen and King Edward III are relatively recent newcomers to mainstream acceptance, and Sir Thomas More is making great inroads towards it.)

Expect the show to appear in other U.S. cities in 2010.

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